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Tips to Protect Your Home From Ice Dams
Restoration Network
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Tips to Protect Your Home From Ice Dams

Winter can transform Minnesota neighborhoods into a wonderland, from snowy rooftops to roofs dripping with icicles. But while beautiful, this winter landscape can be disastrous for your home, especially when ice dams begin to form.

Winter’s freeze and thaw cycle can cause snow and ice to melt and refreeze on your roof. As ice freezes again at the cold edges of your roof, it starts to create a wall that functions as a dam for future rain and snowmelt. With no ability to run off of your roof, all of that water can seep into your home, causing significant damage.

In this post from Restoration Network, we’re sharing helpful advice to protect your home from ice dams. To schedule your ice dam removal or water cleanup services, give us a call.

Damage From Ice Dams

The last thing you need in the middle of winter is water seeping in through your roof.

These are just a few of the problems we see caused by ice dams:

●        Roof decking damage

●        Attic damage

●        Insulation saturation

●        Stained ceilings

●        Wall staining and damage

●        Gutter damage

●        Mold proliferation inside your home

Preventing Ice Dams

The key to preventing ice dams starts with understanding what causes them to form. Although the heat from the sun can cause ice dams to form on your roof, poor attic insulation is also a key factor. Ice dams can form with as little as an inch or two of snow accumulation on your roof. Anytime the temperature outside reaches more than 32 degrees and then refreezes, you risk ice dam formation.

To prevent ice dams from forming, you need to target three areas:

●        Insulation: Upgrading the insulation in your attic will prevent heat conduction, keeping hot air inside your home instead of letting it escape to your roof.

●        Waterproofing: A roof installation with waterproofing underlayment will help to keep ice dam runoff out of your home.

●        Ventilation: A well-ventilated attic helps to keep your roof deck’s temperature even and cool.

Additionally, taking these steps before winter weather hits can help to keep to prevent ice dams:

1.      Have your gutters professionally cleaned so they drain properly when you need them to.

2.      Consider installing gutter covers.

3.      Make sure your attic is well-insulated and vented.

4.      Use a snow rake to remove snow from your roof.

Twin Cities Ice Dam Removal Services

If ice dams form on your roof, have them removed as soon as possible. Our professional ice dam removal crew can take care of your ice dams and offer preventative services like gutter and roof maintenance. Connect with a member of our team by calling 612-564-0202 or message us online.

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