Restoration Network

Smoke Damage Cleanup

  • Eliminate Smoke Damage

    Our team uses advanced equipment and techniques to ensure there isn’t a trace of smoke damage when we’re done.

  • Restore Your Home ASAP

    We provide comprehensive fire restoration services to bring your home or property back to normal as soon as possible.

  • Work With Trusted Contractors

    Our experienced restoration team is IICRC Certified, representing the highest standards in our industry.

Restoration Network

Professional Smoke Cleanup Services in the Twin Cities

Smoke Damaged Kitchen

If left untreated for too long, smoke from a house fire can permanently damage and discolor walls, carpets, and other interior surfaces. As soon as possible, contact Restoration Network for smoke cleaning services in the Twin Cities area. Our team of restoration professionals are available 24/7 to protect your home or business from permanent smoke damage. Call us now at 612-564-0202!

Our Smoke Cleaning Process

At Restoration Network, we follow a careful process to thoroughly clean the smoke from your home and its contents. We’ll start by assessing all of the affected areas and carefully documenting our findings. We’ll then board up and tarp any exposed areas to protect the space from further damage.

Soon after installing boards and tarps on your home, our team will clean and deodorize the area. We’ll work diligently to brighten all smoke-impacted areas in your home. You won’t have to worry about taking necessary safety precautions or finding the best soap mixture to clean impacted areas — our experts will take care of it all! You can count on us to restore your home and belongings back to their beautiful and comfortable conditions.

Restoration Network Has You Covered

Restoration Network is ready to take action before the smoke gets a chance to settle in your home permanently. We’ll act quickly and take the best steps to effectively remove all signs of smoke damage. With our equipment, expertise, and dedicated team of restoration contractors, we are confident that we’ll provide you with the smoke damage restoration you need.

For expert fire cleanup services, reach out to the Restoration Network by giving us a call at 612-564-0202 or filling out our contact form here.

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