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Emergency Board Up & Tarping

  • Secure Your Home After a Disaster

    Restoration Network installs durable boards and tarps to protect vulnerable areas and secure your property.

  • Work With Restoration Experts

    We can handle your entire restoration, from emergency board up and tarping to rebuilding.

  • Restore Your Property ASAP

    We’re happy to work with your insurance to streamline the process and help you get a fair settlement.

Restoration Network

Get 24/7 Board-Up Services in the Twin Cities Area

Storm damaged houses with tarped roofs and boarded up windows.

After a fire or storm tears into your home or business, you may be left with broken windows and doors, holes in the roof, or other damage that leaves your property vulnerable. Call Restoration Network as soon as possible for emergency board-up and tarping services in the Twin Cities metro area. We’ll secure the structure quickly to ensure natural elements, animals, and trespassers cannot gain entry or cause further damage.

Why We Board Up & Tarp Your Home

Restoring your home or business is a process. Before rebuilding, restoration steps like smoke damage cleanup and water removal may be necessary first. But before any work can happen, the area needs to be secured. Our emergency board up services protect your home or building from any other threatening forces and provide a safer environment for our team to get to work.

Keep Pests Out

If you want to keep rodents and other animals from making your home their home, be sure to have your house professionally boarded up. By blocking holes around your home, you’ll keep these pests from having any entry points.

Prevent Weather Damage

From snow to rain, there are a number of natural forces that can access your home through holes or broken down walls that develop after the onset of a fire. In order to protect your home’s foundation and interior from these weather conditions, you should schedule a roof tarping service.

Deter Intruders

After a fire, your home may be exposed to intruders. Don’t compromise your home’s security after a fire – contact Restoration Network for professional boarding up services to protect your home from unwanted visitors.

Call Now for Emergency Board Up & Tarping Near the Twin Cities

If your home or building has been through a catastrophic event, don’t leave it open to further intrusion and deterioration. Reach out to your trusted fire damage contractors at Restoration Network for fast and effective boarding and roof tarping services. We’ll work quickly so you can rest assured your house is protected throughout the entire restoration process. Speak with one of our team members today by calling 612-564-0202, or fill out our contact form here!

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