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How Smoke Damage After a Fire Affects Your Health & Your Home
Restoration Network

How Smoke Damage After a Fire Affects Your Health & Your Home

If you have experienced a fire, the experience can feel overwhelming, and the smoke damage may not be your first concern. However, the smoke residue can linger long after and affect areas the fire never touched, infiltrating every area of your home.

Addressing it quickly is critical, so the experts at Restoration Network are here to discuss the effects of smoke damage on your home and your health.

Smoke Damage Affects Your Home

Each home will experience smoke damage differently, and there will be multiple factors, including the type of construction and fire. For example, a house made from almost entirely wood will be more susceptible to permanent damage from soot and smoke because the walls are more porous than one made mostly of metal.

Because smoke contains different acids in almost all situations, the chances of carbon and sulfur being present are high. These can result in anything from complete corrosion of metal to permanent discoloration. Some of the most common items damaged by smoke include:

●        Clothing: These may require special cleaning due to soot getting trapped in the fibers.

●        Appliances: Corrosion can occur, damaging the outside and inside of the unit and electrical system.

●        Curtains, Furniture, & Carpeting: These can all be permanently stained quickly and are extremely vulnerable to smoke damage, especially if made from synthetics.

●        Porcelain: Items like bathroom sinks can become stained almost instantly; however, washing them with soap can potentially save the item before the professional restoration experts arrive.

Your Health and Smoke Damage

If smoke has been produced, soot is highly likely to accompany it. This powder-like and greasy substance is made from carbon and can stick to everything and, unfortunately, can create multiple health hazards, including:

●        Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: This occurs from smoke and soot particles resulting in headaches and dizziness, and it is recommended to always have a functional CO detector on site.

●        Lung Complications: This can occur when particles get into the lungs and cause irritation from fire and smoke residues.

●        Skin Irritations: Any home that has smoke damage can result in skin irritations like rashes and itchiness.

You may also experience other issues, including irritated sinuses, headaches, and eye irritation. If your exposure remains unaddressed, it can increase a greater risk of worsening conditions.

Restoration Network: Your Residential and Commercial Fire Mitigation Expert

Whether you have a standard residential or commercial property, smoke damage can create significant losses, and knowing where to start the process can feel overwhelming.

Having a trusted smoke and fire damage restoration expert in the Twin Cities area can make all the difference, and the pros at Restoration Network deliver. Our free inspection can help you start the smoke damage restoration process with confidence, and we offer insurance assistance to help you get back on track faster.

Our team specializes in small and large losses and offers 24-hour emergency services, so message us online or call us at 612-564-0202 today.

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