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5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing a Home Insurance Claim
Restoration Network
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5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Dealing with storms in the Twin Cities is no joke and can make your home a vulnerable target. From ice and snow to water damage, chances are you will have to file a homeowner's claim at some point. The team at Restoration Network wants to make this process as easy as possible for you, so we have a list to help expedite the experience and restore your home faster!

1. Understand What's Covered in Your Policy

Before taking any steps to file, it's critical to understand what your policy covers. Reading over the coverage thoroughly and reviewing the declarations page will have a list of various losses they will cover to ensure you don't get surprised with any unexpected costs.

2. Document All Damages

Over-documenting is strongly encouraged when you are dealing with damages. You want multiple videos and pictures showing detail from angles and different distances around where the loss has occurred and how it has directly damaged your contents or home.

It's also recommended to have a designated file specifically for the claim to ensure all content, conversations with the insurance company or contractors, and receipts are easily accessible.

3. Don't Wait to File the Claim

When damage has occurred, do not put off filing the claim and contact your agent right away because, in some cases, there may be a set time for opening one. The process can take an extended period too, and you want the repairs to be completed more quickly, so don't hesitate to let them know about the damage.

4. Don't Throw Out Any Damaged Items

While throwing any damaged items out might be tempting, hold off until you have spoken with an insurance adjuster because they may need to see the item to determine what was damaged and if the policy will cover it.

5.Choose a Local Company Who Has Insurance Claim Experience

When damage occurs to your home, multiple things may need to be addressed, and getting support is critical. While a claims representative can give you instructions on how to get through the process, it can feel like a large task, so choose a contractor who understands home insurance claims and has a successful track record.

Dealing With Storm Damage? Restoration Network Has You Covered

Filing a claim and going through the restoration process isn't always a straightforward experience, and when you need expert support, Restoration Network is your local and trusted expert. Whether your home has fire and water damage or you need a general contractor, we offer insurance assistance to help expedite your claims process.

Our team is available for 24/7 emergencies, so call us at 612-564-0202 or message us online to connect with our team today.

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