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How to Keep Documents Secure in Case of a Disaster
Restoration Network

How to Keep Documents Secure in Case of a Disaster

One of the worst items to lose during a disaster is an irreplaceable document. Some documents, such as passports, social security cards, and birth certificates, require extra protection to ensure they remain intact during a fire or flood. Here are several steps you can take to keep your most important documents safe in case of an emergency.

Keep Track of Important Pieces

Take some time to inspect all of your important documents thoroughly. Keep a digital list that will help you track each document and its current location. Your list may include a variety of document types, including:

●        Passports

●        Birth Certificates

●        Identification Cards

●        Marriage Certificates

●        Mortgage Agreements

●        Credit Cards

●        Vehicle Titles

●        Prescriptions

●        Tax Statements

By taking clear notes about each document you have, you’ll be able to relocate or reorganize each piece quickly. You’ll also be better able to keep track of these documents and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Organize Physical Documents

Physical documents can become easily lost, especially during a natural disaster. When you’re picking up the pieces after a fire or flood, you won’t have the time to backtrack all of the potential places your documents could be.

To avoid losing your physical documents, collect all the pieces and put them in a single place, such as a locked filing cabinet or drawer. When your documents are all in one area, you won’t have to spend time finding each piece. You can relax and stay focused on the restoration process.

Choose a Waterproof and Fireproof Storage Device

Fires and floods can tear up and completely destroy physical documents. By storing these pieces in a fireproof and waterproof lockbox or filing cabinet, you’ll be better able to protect them from becoming damaged during a disaster.

Back-Up Documents

If you want to maximize your documents’ security:

●        Consider making digital or physical copies of each document.

●        Store these backup documents in a safe location so you can always refer to them when you need them.

●        Remember to keep the backup documents in a separate location from your original pieces so you can access them in case of an emergency.

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At Restoration Network, we understand that a disaster can be a disheartening experience. We want to make your restoration process as simple and straightforward as possible. We bring years of experience in flood, storm, and fire damage repair to every service. We’re ready to help you pick up the pieces and bring your home back to life as quickly as possible.

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