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How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Water Damage
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How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Water Damage

If you're lucky enough to have beautiful hardwood floors in your home or commercial space, you'll understand the importance of protecting them from water damage. No matter how hard you try, eventually, water will land on your floors, putting them at risk of permanent damage.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep your floors intact even after they've come into contact with water.

Act Quickly

It's critical to quickly remove any wet item or collection of water from your hardwood floors as soon as possible. For example, if you've recently experienced leaks or flooding in your home or business, remove wet rugs, clothing, furniture, and any commercial equipment from the area to prevent permanent damage from developing.

Have Your Plumbing Professionally Inspected

Structural damage to your pipes and plumbing fixtures can lead to pipe bursts and flooding. If you want to prevent this issue from occurring, have your plumbing system regularly inspected by a specialist. Plumbers will be able to pinpoint and repair weakened areas before they break and cause damage to your property and hardwood floors.

Get a Dehumidifier

It's no secret that summers in Minnesota can become extremely hot and humid. If there's too much moisture in your space, your hardwood floors may become damaged slowly over time, and mold or mildew can grow. Control the humidity by investing in a dehumidifier. These machines will remove the excess moisture to enhance your properties' comfort and air quality.

Use Caution While Cleaning the Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors is an essential part of keeping them looking their best. However, when using water and other liquids, you'll want to be careful. Be sure to use only high-quality products on your floors to avoid damage. You should also only put small amounts of liquid on the floor at a time to prevent puddles and excess water damage.

Promptly Clean Up Spills

Accidents are inevitable — especially liquid spills! The key is to act quickly when you notice liquid spilling on your hardwood floors. By immediately removing any puddles from the floor, you'll prevent them from setting in on the wood and damaging the surface.

Keep Them Protected

Protective coatings from wax, polyurethane, and epoxy will create a water-resistant barrier that can help with repelling spills. While they are not a permanent fix, they can work as a shield and reduce the risk of damage.

Seal Cracks or Gaps

In a high-traffic household or business, damage can happen fast. Issues like cracks and gaps can be detrimental to your hardwood and become entry points for moisture. Pay extra attention to areas close to water sources that are more vulnerable, like around sinks and toilets, and if you find any damage, get it repaired right away.

Use Proper Mitigation Steps

If you find a leak or suspect damage, stop the water flow and use sump pumps to eliminate excess water. If you believe damage has occurred, contact your insurance company and document any issues to the property or belongings.

Reach out to a water mitigation specialist and schedule an inspection. Clean-up may require multiple steps, including thermal imaging cameras, high-velocity air movers or dryers, and atmospheric readers to dry out the space and prevent harmful organisms from growing.

Once your property is assessed, the area will be dried out, and the restoration process will be started to get your property back to its best condition.

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