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Signs of Flood Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs of Flood Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

Although your home foundations are built to withstand years of wear and tear, they are bound to incur cracks over time. And if this happens, floodwater moves freely and can cause severe damage.

By familiarizing yourself with the signs of water damage, you can do some quick damage control and prevent any further damage.

In this article from the Restoration Network in Minnesota, we have discussed 5 hidden signs of flood damage you should look out for at your homes!

5 Major Signs of Flood Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

Undeniably, flooding can cause severe damages. And depending on the severity of it, you may need to make some costly repairs.

Here are a few signs of flood damage you should look out for at home.

Your Walls Are Discolored

For starters, sitting water will definitely always discolor your walls/ceilings — in the form of a residue or a stain.

Look around the house's exterior for any new or old watermarks/stains.

Additionally, stains can also be visible on your wooden floors and walls. However, they aren't always in one color. So you may find orange, brown, or yellow-colored stains in the affected areas. And if a mold has grown in the affected areas, it can be green, blue, or black.

Your Floors/Joists Are Damaged

Floods can cause severe damage to all kinds of flooring, including concrete and hardwood. The floor may be warped, cracked, or buckled, depending on the severity of the flooding. So make sure you look at the flooring on the property.

Also, make sure to check out the floor joists in the basement. The floor joists will show water stains if they have been in contact with floodwater.

Your floors can also bow and warp if the water has sat in the basement for too long.

Your Dry Walls May Crumble

Once you have checked the exterior part of your house, you should start looking into the interior. Start by looking at the damage on the walls. You can detect water damage just by looking at the lower part of the wall. If the baseboard is discolored, it is clear that the area has had flood damage.

The drywall may also start to crumble if exposed to water for an extended period. Furthermore, you can lightly tap the bottom of a wall with a mallet; if it sinks into the drywall, it’s a tell-tale sign that it has been previously soaked in water.

Your Place Smell Bad

Foul odors can play a significant role in identifying water damage. Although moisture may be invisible, it can be identified using smells. When water residue is held up in one place, it can become a breeding ground for molds/bacteria.

Molds have an unpleasant scent, so a foul smell can be a red flag indicating severe water damage/flooding in an area.

Your Home Foundation Is Shaky

Examining the foundation of your house is also equally important. Look for any cracks or gaps in the foundation of the property. Heavy flooding can weaken the structural integrity of a place, which can be very dangerous.

Moreover, it’s also a good idea to stroll around the outside of the property to check for any cracks in the stones, bricks or anything else that may contribute to the foundation of your place. 

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