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Fire Prevention Steps to Take While Spring Cleaning
Restoration Network

Fire Prevention Steps to Take While Spring Cleaning

Spring serves as an excellent time to organize and clean your home to prepare it for the rest of the year. Among your spring cleaning steps, you should also take some time to protect your home from potential fire hazards. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to maintain a safe and secure home all year long.

Inspect Smoke Detector Batteries

If you can’t remember the last time you checked your smoke detector, you should avoid putting it off for much longer. Because your smoke detector plays a key role in keeping your home safe and free of smoke damage, you should ensure that the batteries are still in working condition.

Inspecting your smoke detector is a simple process. There should be a test button on your smoke detector that will inform you whether you should replace your batteries. You may want to consider replacing the batteries even if the test is successful to avoid failure later on in the year.

Deep Clean & Organize Your Kitchen

Grease, rogue towels, and other clutter can pose a fire risk in your kitchen. If your countertops and stovetops have accumulated excess oil and food spills, as well as other miscellaneous items, utilize your spring cleaning schedule to get everything back in order. Pay mind to ways potential fires can start and keep those areas clear of any flammable materials.

Replace Dangerous Electrical Cords

While you were trying to stay warm and comfortable in your home over the winter months, you may have forgotten to move misplaced extension cords. While these cords may help you keep your technological devices in comfortable positions, you should avoid letting these cords stay under carpets and in between doorways. When cords aren’t kept out of the way of daily foot traffic, house pets, and movement, they can eventually break and cause a fire.

When you’re taking on your spring cleaning chores, consider also moving your extension cords to safer locations. You should also promptly replace any cords that show signs of fraying and breakage. By adding these steps to your spring cleaning process, you’ll be able to establish a safer house.

Clean Out the Dryer

Add the dryer to your list of appliances to clean this spring. Because clothing dryer’s drums accumulate excess lint during every load of laundry, it’s critical to clean the area to prevent fires. You should also remove any flammable items such as boxes and pieces of clothing from the area to prevent them from catching fire.

Establish Your Fire Escape Plan

Spring is the time for getting organized, but that doesn’t only hold true for cleaning and personal belongings. Take time to get organized with your fire escape plan in case of an emergency.

Establishing your fire safety plan should consist of having a trusted fire restoration company’s number for easy access, as well as a method for exiting your house and keeping your family members safe. Create a map of your house so every family member knows of at least two escape routes in each room.

Restoration Network is Your Team of Trusted Contractors

While taking these steps will enhance your home’s safety, emergencies can still occur and it’s important to be ready to contact a trusted restoration team. Restoration Network is an experienced and reliable restoration team that serves homeowners in the Twin Cities area. We’ll be ready for your call any time of the day with our 24/7 emergency response services.

From board up and tarping to rebuilding, we have the tools and experience necessary to thoroughly repair your home after a fire. To speak with one of our team members about how we can assist you with your restoration needs, contact Restoration Network today at 612-564-0202.

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